Spare Parts

 DiveMix supports and maintains a big range of high and low pressure gas systems in the field using a wide variety of genuine spare parts. Whether it is your compressors, nitrox/trimix systems, test pumps, gas boosters, oxygen/nitrogen PSA or membrane generators, we would have it covered.
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Inlet filters

Various inlet filters are available for different compressors. The inlet filter is a low cost component that plays a significant role in protecting your compressor and ensuring its efficient operation.

Filter cartridges

Filter cartridges of most commonly used compressors and other appliances are available for various applications and gases.

  • Breathing Air according to DIN EN 12021
  • Oxygen Compatible Air 
  • Oil & Odor removal
  • Inert gas drying
  • CNG

Molecular sieves

Only highest quality molecular sieve material is offered to our customers, whether it is for refilling breathing air cartridges or PSA generators. These function to purify air from impurities, humidity and oil vapor or to separate air into its main components, nitrogen and oxygen.

Activated Carbon

Several applications require high quality activated carbon as in breathing air filters and PSA oxygen and nitrogen systems. Activated carbon creates a remarkable power of adsorption, an indispensable quality in the process of industrial gas separation and purification.



DiveMix recommends the use of ANDEROL lubricants to improve the performance and service life of your equipment. When you choose ANDEROL Synthetic Lubricants for your compressors, you would be buying experience proved reliability. ANDEROL Compressor Lubricants are manufactured under strict quality control conditions, and in accordance to the ISO-9001 quality assurance norm. Created specifically for compressors, these lubricants are the result of long term co-operation with leading manufacturers of rotary and reciprocating compressors.

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Shell Corena S2 P

 Shell Corena S2 P is a high quality mineral oil designed for the lubrication of certain high pressure reciprocating compressors running at up to 220 ̊C discharge temperatures.
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