DiveMix Accessories

An extensive selection of accessories and components to help you operate your high pressure systems, and maintain the required standards and performance.

Filter Pad Sets (Various Sizes)

Versatile, strong, and cost-effective industrial filter pads. 6 types are available classified by strength, thickness, and holding capacity. Please refer to the compressor’s model guide for additional information.

DMX-O2: Compact Oxygen Analyzer

  • Device includes sensor, tube adapter and T-piece
  • Min/max value memory
  • Sensor element is exchangeable with no special tools             
  • Easy calibration to ambient air
  • Cost effective and reliable sensor element

High pressure hoses for different applications

We are leaders in assembling high pressure hoses, and our products are sold very well to both small and big businesses. High pressure hoses are widely used in gas and water supply systems to deliver air, oils, emulsions, etc. under pressure.

ALPHA-1 heavy duty oxygen analyzer

  • Water resistant aluminum case
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Fast response and recovery
  • Extended sensor life
  • Flow meter controlled operation                                               

Condensate collection tank

The tank is equipped with an internal filter to quietly and odourlessly collect condensate. The flexible connection hoses are fitted with push locks.

Air Lab - Gas quality check

The quality of Pure Breathing Air, Oxygen Compatible Air and Medical Breathing Air can only be guaranteed by continuous monitoring and analysis. DiveMix offers Air Quality Laboratory checks as per various available standards e.g. EN 12021 for breathing air. We usually recommend one check per compressor per quarter to ensure pure gas quality. Filling stations with test results complying to accepted standards are awarded the PURE AIR CERTIFICATION.

Emergency oxygen rescue kit

Oxyrescue is a simple to use device for the administration of pure oxygen. The integrated multifunctional valve is built with the best oxygen compatible material and is the result of many years of research in this field. Its limited weight and size make it perfectly suitable for all emergency application purposes including boats and dive centers.